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The Therapist

Becky Latham MA/LMT

Well, I'm not very good about writing stuff about myself, so I'll do my best. I graduated from nursing school in 2002 and worked in Eldon at a family practice office for 5 years, when my daughter (Isabel) was 18 months old I decided to leave so I could spend more time with her because I was working alot of hours. My husband is a Fire Fighter and also works a part time job so he isn't home much so I started daycaring out of my home and did that for 4 years, during that time we had another child, Ireland and so it was really nice for me to be able to be there with them.

I had decided I wanted to be a massage therapist while I was still working as a nurse because I knew it was a way to still be able to help people especially to help with pain. So........ In October of 2007 I decided to go to massage therapy school in the evenings while still daycaring during the day, and in June 2008 I graduated from Massage School and was so excited, I only worked part time doing massage therapy until September 2011 in which I decided it was time for me to become an adult again and get out there and do what I love doing, helping people relieve pain and relax through the benefits of massage.

I continue my education and take as many classes as finances will allow me to do so that I can offer as much to my clients as possible.

I am very blessed with my husband (Bobby) who I have been with since 1998 and married to since 2004, he has been such a rock and a great support system for me and I couldn't have made it where I am today without him.

So that kinda sums up me, I'm pretty simple but I'm very blessed for the ability to be able to help my clients with whatever they need.

Thank you for stopping by my page and having a look, hope to be able to help you in the future.

In Health and Relaxation,

Becky Latham, MA/LMT